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Thursday, March 10, 2011

When Do You Need Your Dreadlocks Retouched, Retighened, or Maintained?

You May Need to Retouch Your Dreadlocks with Lovin My Locs, if:

- your dreadlocks are looking crazy
- Your dreadlocks are looking wild
- your dreadlocks are not looking too cute
- your dreadlocks are unkempt
- your dreadlocks are way too frizzy
- Your dreadlocks has lots of new growth
- your dreadlocks are beginning to scare you
- you are going to a special event
- you want to look great for an important interview
- you like your dreadlocks to look good all the time
- you just want to amplify your beauty

Quotes on Dreadlocks and Hair

Quotes on Dreadlocks and Hair

"I couldn't imagine those black ropes on their heads were hair...natural hair to which nothing was added, not even brushing....I wondered what such hair felt like, smelled like. What a person dreamed about at night, with hair like that spreadng across the pillow..."
Quote from "Dreads" book intro by Alice walker

"Trust The Universe and Respect Your Hair"
by Bob Marley

"A Man Who Cuts His Hair is Like A Tree Without Leaves"
Rastafarian Proverb

"And he put forth the form of a hand, and took me by a lock of my head;
and the spirit lifted me up between the earth and heaven."
Ezekiel 8:3

"Light Runs Tings"
Quote by Ten Nebula

"Illusions May Scream Loudly but They Are Still Illusions."
Quote by Ten Nebula

Ways to Reduce Frizzes In Your Dreadlocks

Ways to Reduce Frizzes


- Use a pomade or cream when palm rolling hair

- wear a silk or stain scarf to sleep in at nights

- Palm roll hair often

- Avoid drying your hair wildly with a towel, pat dry

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wrapping Your Dreadlocks

Wrapping your dreadlocks can be fun, creative, a way of life, and numerous others things
Our site talks about the loveliness of wraps
and hows and whys of this great art

visit, share it with a friend, and follow us!!!!!!!

All About Wrapping Your Dreadlocks"