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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lovin My Locs Hair Services: Dreadlock Removal

Dreadlock Removal Services

I can assist you with removing your dreadlocks (or matted pieces of hair that were unintentional).
It is a long process that requires time, focus and great patience.
It can take a few hours, a day, days , or weeks to complete.
The length of time to remove locks depends on your resources (money, assistants, time) , hair type, and hair length.

Please be prepared to sit for long extended hours.

Price: $25.00 an hour (cash)


  1. Hey im interested in the atarting my locks, is there someone I could talk to I live in eugene. Email me at giantman25@gmail.com

  2. Where are you located I need dreads removed

  3. Hi all my hair is in one heavy giant ball of matted dread likeness.... And I love my hair and I don't want to cut it.... So I was wondering if your able to brush it out...I have pictures o can send you when you email me back.... Thank you and have a great day....