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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lovin My Locs Hair Services : Dreadlocks Services

Ten Nebula is available to work on all types of hair
(i.e. afro-textured, straight, wavy, curly, thin, thick, gray).
We assist our clients with starting their dreadlocks and dreadlock maintanence.
We do not offer dreadlock extensions or coloring.
All hair services take place in the client's home.

Dreadlocking Techniques Used (Depending on hair type & length)
We use a variety of dreadlocking techniques to start or maintain your locs: crochet method, twisting method, coiling method, backcombing method, palmrolling, latch method, sewing

(1) For Clients Starting Their New DreadLocks ...
The amount of time to style hair into locs may vary.
It can be between 2hrs-6hrs depending on loc size and length.
You will have to learn how to clean and retouch your own locs to maintain them.
I can also be hired to retouch your locs if you want professional help.

Price: $150.00 (cash), $170.00 (cash)

(2) Dreadlock Maintenance Work for Your Mature Locs (Retouching)
Maintenance work are for locs that are mature, fully binded and or started by someone else. The hair has new growth (frizzy, stray hairs) and the hair needs to be retouched to look nice and tidy. There a variety of maintenance methods for your locs: crocheting, retwisting, curling, backcombing, palmrolling, etc.
It can be between 2hrs-4hrs to retouch depending on loc size and length.
You can receive monthly dreadlock maintanence by Ten Nebula.

Price: $75.00 (cash)

(3) Reorganized Work for Locs that are unkempt and need structure (Wild Locs)
Some clients may need professional help to get their locs reorganized.
These kinds of locs may have been done by yourself or someone else and they are poorly done.
The locs are unkempt, disorganized, has loose pieces of hair, and are various uncomfortable sizes. These kinds of locs may need to be pulled apart, restructured, and retouched at the root and ends. For these hair situations, I charge the full starting price because it requires more time than a simple retouch.
It can be between 2hrs-10hrs depending on loc size and length.

Price: $150.00 (cash)

(5) Microdreads
Three inches or less - $200.00
Three inches to shoulder length - $300.00
Longer than shoulder length - $500.00

(6) 1- Hr Dreadlock Consultation by Phone
This is great for clients who live in other states and cities and need some personal advice on how to solve their unique dreadlock hair situation. Ask whatever is on your mind regarding hair type, products, washing, oiling, techniques, etc. and send pics of you hair. Available to U.S. residents from Mondays to Saturdays 8:00 - 8:00pm (pacific standard time).

Price: $60.00 (by using Paypal)

(7) Dreadlock Removal Services
I can assist you with removing your dreadlocks. It is a long process that requires time and patience. It can take a day, days , or weeks to complete depending on your resources.

Price: $25.00 an hour (cash)

Locs/Dreadlocks Payments (in cash or Post office money order)
(1) Beginning/Starting new locs (any hair types, must be at least 3 inches to start, shorter than shoulder length) - $150.00
(2) Beginning/Starting new locs (any hair types, longer than shoulder length) - $170.00
(3) Restructuring wild locs (any hair types, 3 inches or more) - $150.00
(4) Maintenance/Retouching new growth on your locs - $75.00
(5) Microdreads - $200/$300/$500
(6) 1-Hr Dreadlock Consultation by phone - $60.00

Be sure to visit the "Client's Guideline" area for all details
Email: lovinmydreadlocks@hotmail.com

Tips are always welcomed for a job well done.
Tell your friends with dreadlocks about our services.
Thanks kindly for your business!!!

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