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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lovin My Locs Hair Services: Prices & Rates

Payments in cash or Post office money order
Payments are due the same day of service.
No checks or partial payments, please.
No refunds on service.
Tips are always welcomed for a job well done.
Thanks kindly for your business!!!!

Starting new locks - $150.00/$170.00
Restructing wild locs - $150.00
Retouching locs new growth - $75.00
Microdreads - $200/$300/$500

Braids for natural hair - $45/$75/$100

Removing braids - $35/$45

Microbraids - $200/$300/$500
Microtwists - $200/$300/$500
Microdreads - $200/$300/$500

Two-Strand Twists - $75/$90

Coils - $75/$90

1-hr. Dreadlock Consultation by Phone

Be sure to visit the "Guideline for Clients" area for all detail
Email: lovinmydreadlocks@hotmail.com

Thanks for visiting and your business!!!!

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