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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Qualities Associated With Dreadlocks

Some positive qualities that are associated with locked hair are:

1. freedom
2. self-identification
3. uniqueness
4. rebellion
5. strength
6. power
7. a focus on oneness with spirit
8. creativity
9. nature/natural


  1. Dear Ten Nebula,

    My name is miles and I live in Santa Fe and started growing my locs in January (single twist). I got them professionally started in Los Angeles (when I was there on a trip) and have since been keeping them up myself. I was hoping you were still in ABQ but apparently not, :-( . So I was wondering if you could recommend anyone in ABQ who could help me maintain my locs/give me advice. Best,

  2. Hello Ten
    I am Clarita and i currently live in Namibia
    a small land in Afrika
    I love your hair very much
    I started growing mine 2 weeks ago
    I would appreciate if you followed my blog and helped me out to maintain my hair

    Lots of Love